The Cost of the Logo Designers’ Talent

Logo designers are considered to be artists in their own right. Not only do they provide a company a good image to go with their name, their art becomes a way to express a certain brand and let the company communicate with the public.

Here are the designers that dominated the field in logo design with their logos representing multimillion dollar companies:

  1. Arnell Group for Pepsi. The Pepsi logo was redesigned at a whooping price of $1 million in 2008.
  2. Paul Rand for Enron. Paul Rand is one of the most celebrated logo designers of all time with ABC, IBM, UPS, and Westinghouse on its portfolio of logo for company. He designed the Enron logo for $33,000.
  3. Carolyn Davidson for Nike. Who would believe that the famous swoosh logo was bought for only $35? Davidson was a struggling student that time but her talent was evident and Nike co- founder, Phil Knight, saw through her talent. He made her do the company charts and graphs then made her design a logo. He did not like the swoosh design at first but decided to have it anyway thinking that it will eventually grow on him. Nowadays, the swoosh logo is one of the most famous logos that are recognized worldwide.
  4. Simon Oxley for Twitter. The Twitter bird is very famous among netizens. For just a mere $15, the photo was posted on iStockphoto by a British citizen named Simon Oxley while he was staying in Japan.

While the top four logo designers were paid either too much or too little for their iconic logos, the next three are logo inspirational designs that came for free.

  1. Frank M. Robinson for Coca Cola Company. While its top competitor, Pepsi, had a million dollars’ worth of a logo, Coke got its famous Spencerian Script logo for free. Robinson got an inspiration from the characteristic penmanship and thought that having two elaborately penned Cs on the logo looked well. That started it all and after a few experimentations he came up with the red Coca- Cola logo to go with the products.
  2. Sergey Brin for Google. The rainbow logo of Google is a product of a free graphics program. Its co- frounder, Brin, created the original rainbow- colored logo using GIMP. A graphic artist from Stanford named Ruth Kedar started to work on other Google logo prototypes with the original rainbow logo as the inspiration.
  3. Microsoft for Microsoft. With a multimillion dollar company like Microsoft, you would probably think that they paid premium for their iconic windows logo. But that is a notion that is very much false. The logo cost almost nothing as the owners got their own in- house design team to create the four- colored logo that anyone would recognize anywhere.


A logo is very crucial element in advertising. It is the first thing that the customers will see in a brand. Somehow it becomes the focal point in which first impressions are made.

Any logo for company should be made unique. Logo inspirational designs do not always come expensive. As you can see in the list, the real inspiration behind every great logo really depends on the talent of the logo designers and does not always mean that iconic logos are worth millions each.


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