3 Big Reasons Why You Have to Go for a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Upon your interest to start a blog, you probably have come across with terms such as domains, blogging platforms, and self-hosted blog. Well you already know by now about domains and how they become part of the site’s identification (URL) and I bet you have considered having WordPress as a blogging platform since it is widely used in most blogs. But, have you decided on having either a free or a self-hosted blog?

For some newbies, this question is so mind-boggling since both have their pros and cons. Ultimately, though, you have to make the best choice because, frankly, it concerns the future of your blog.


And when it comes to picking the best blogging platform for a blog, many professionals would say that a self- hosted WordPress blog is the way to go because of these three main reasons.

1. The blog looks, sounds, and feels more professional.

The thing with free blogging platforms is that you are getting everything generic. You know, free WordPress blog themes, free widgets, and the site name you choose is always followed with the platform’s name (www.example.wordpress.com).

While these stuff may not be as bothersome to you (since you do not pay anything for it), it will affect how the readers see your blog as a whole. A generic blog looks mediocre because it lacks the unique qualities you get when you create and decide what layout to use, which premium blog themes to have, and how your blog should be named.

A self- hosted WordPress blog may require a lot of work but this fact alone makes the whole difference. Because you need to put in so much effort to build, maintain, and may even have to spend for it, the site becomes more professional in every sense of the word. The viewers will be impressed about how serious you are with your blog to make such an investment of time, money, and effort and this will make them look at your content as professional and trustworthy.

2. Unlimited Community Support

When you have a free WordPress blog, you rely on what the team can offer in terms of support for server and other technical issues. Because they do not owe you anything, they can’t be bothered anytime to answer even simple installation issues for your blog themes.

With a self-hosted WordPress blog, however, you will be overwhelmed with the support you will get from the community of bloggers and developers.

All you need to do is search for a specific issue and, chances are, there’s already an answer for that. You might even be lucky to find walkthroughs and tutorials about certain problems. Basically, you do not only get answers but also learn a lot of technical stuff in the process.

3. Limitless Control

A self-hosted WordPress blog is very flexible unlike the free ones. There is no limit with what you can do to make your blog look at its best.

These are just some of the great stuff you have to try on a self-hosted blog:

Have access to thousands of free WordPress blog themes, premium blog themes, and even create your own theme. This is quite important if you want to make your blog stand out and be uniquely designed.

Take customization to the next level by modifying the codes. Everything from colors, footer credits, to even the whole layout can be changed to fit how you like them to look like on the site.

Make the blog more functional by using plugins. Make your site flexible by putting plugins that automatically lets the readers subscribe to post updates. You can even have plugins that gathers site stats so you can monitor blog standings in real time.

Monetize the blog through a lot of ways. Free blogging platforms have restrictions on third party advertising and other monetization methods. A self- hosted blog, however, will let you decide which method to use or even use them all so you can have more chances of earning.

Lastly, decide the content you want. Free blogs tend to delete your site, even without warning, if they find your posts inappropriate according to their terms of service. With a self- hosted blog, you are free to post whatever you want.

If you want to blog because it is your desire to share a lot of stuff to the blogosphere, then there’s just so much you can do with a self- hosted WordPress blog. Enjoy the benefits of blogging with a professional- looking blog, unlimited community support, and modify it without restrictions.


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